Pāpale Na Pāli

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Our Pāpale Na Pāli will give you the shade you need to protect you from the sun, plus will stay put when that strong wind blows.  No more running for your Pāpale!!   

• Comfortable inner sweat band

• approx. 21.5 inches or 22.5 inches in head circumference

• approx. 14.5in wide, 4in brim, 3.3in tall

• Hand woven 

• Made from Papyrus

• Designed by EHA Culture 

 These are not the traditional Hawaiian Pāpale that are woven with Lauhala, but just as high quality, sturdy, crown-less and beautifully woven:)

Sun may cause slight shrinking. 

All sizes are approximate measurements. 

To take care of your papale, keep it in a dry flat place when not in use.  This will help your papale to last for a long time;)


*no refunds on any of our Pāpale