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Aloha everyone! We’ve been sending boxes and boxes of our rainbow towels to Maui, either through organizations or family friends.
We’ve also been sending out care packages to some of our past customers, loyal retailers and those who we have randomly found through social media and other family friends on Maui.  
We want to help Maui even more and we could really use your help.  Products, packaging and shipping to Maui do require costs and we are nearing our budget on what we can send there to Maui.

As we send out more care packages and rainbow stripe towels this week we are asking you if you’d like to contribute by purchasing one of our packages here:

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Package 4


Package 5

Each one of these gifts that we send to someone in need, who has literally lost everything material in their lives, will bring them a bit of hope in humanity, a sense of nurturing and some comfort as they work their way back up out of this hardship that they are currently enduring right now as we speak. 

A few things that we have already sent to some Maui ladies have been our neoprene tote bags, coolers, visors, towels, pāreus, blankets and more.  We plan on continuing to do so as long as we have the funds for it.  So if you’d like to help, please make a purchase here for us to keep doing so. 

* this listing is for a care package to be sent directly to a survivor of the Maui fire tragedy of August 2023 and will NOT be send to the person making this purchase.