Ginger Empire Luxurious Beach Towel

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Hello, lovely Ginger Empire beauties.  You amaze me each time I see you around town.  Don’t ever stop being the fabulous Ginger royals you are. 

Enjoy our lightweight and easy to travel with towels.  A versatile towel that doubles as a pareu, blanket, head wrap, shawl, throw, tapestry, tablecloth, etc.

Our absorbent, quick dry towels get softer with each wash.

Every towel combines daily functionality and comfort to offer high quality pieces made with 100% EHA Culture original artwork. 


  • Available in a pastel red and peachy-pink color
  • Designed in Kaua'i, Hawai’i
  • Woven in Turkey
  • Made of 100% Aegean Turkish cotton
  • Approximately 36”x72”
  • Single sized towel
  • Pre-washed to prevent shrinkage
  • Double sided print
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry